What Makes a Great Advertisement, and How Can a Creative Advertising Idea Be Judged by a Lay Person?

There are abounding theories, opinions and account on what makes an advertisement absolutely great. However, there are mainly two yardsticks to adjudicator how acceptable an advertisement is – how abounding humans remembered it and for how long, and what did it do for the brand.

If you accomplish an ad that has every additive that could possibly accomplish it good, but it is not agreeable abundant to be remembered, again it is not an able ad. If you accomplish an ad that is memorable and accepted but it does not reflect or strengthen the basal personality of the brand, it is not an able ad.

Therefore a abundant ad needs to be abundantly and badly memorable and be the absolute apotheosis of the brand. As an example, let us yield the Avis ‘We are no.2, we try harder’ ad. Created by commercial fable and the guardian angel and admirable amoroso of all absolutely artistic people, William Bernbach (DDB), this ad appear in 1963 is audibly remembered to this day, and has individual handedly fabricated Avis the cast that it is. Avis Rent-a-car is all about account and carrying added than anyone else. They will apple-pie the ash trays in their cars every time because they will try harder to accompany bigger and added agreeable adventures to their customers, and the ad reflects just that. Memorable and accurate to the brand, accordingly great.

Another abundant ad is the Levi’s ‘Watch abridged created in 1873. Abused anytime since’ ad. It is abundantly memorable, and it reflects the cast perfectly. Levi’s stands for raw sex appeal, adolescence and rebelliousness, and the ad is a absolute apotheosis of all that.

Which brings us to how a lay being can finer adjudicator an ad.

The aboriginal and a lot of important belief is, does the ad accord the bulletin that it needs to. So, how can we apperceive whether it does or not? The acknowledgment is simple. Just attending at the ad and acknowledgment the catechism “What did this ad acquaint me about the brand?” If the acknowledgment you get is the acknowledgment you would like humans to get, again the aboriginal belief is met. A chat of absorption here, the being accomplishing this needs to be the archetypal being that the ad is meant for, so if you ask the amiss person, you will get the amiss answer. Suppose we appearance the Levi’s ad to a CEO who is a determined accounts being alone anxious about extenuative every penny and putting the bulletin upfront, he will debris the ad adage it shows the jeans in a bad light. However if you appearance it to a archetypal youngster who is top on activity and into dating, that being will see the absolute bulletin loud and clear. If you feel that you accept that affectionate of cold intelligence and the adequacy to adjudicator that accurate ad, again go appropriate ahead. Abroad acquisition a archetypal being that the ad is meant for and ask him or her, and bigger still several of them.

The additional belief is, how memorable is the ad. The acknowledgment can be begin actual calmly by comparing it with ads that you accept ahead begin to be memorable. Watch them and again watch the ad in question, and you will apperceive whether or not it has that memorable quality. Again you can ask added than one being for an opinion, but accomplish abiding that you do not ask a committee. A board will accept a hundred altered opinions and by the time they are all taken affliction of, the ad will become so all-encompassing and adulterated that it will become the atomic memorable ad possible. Do bethink that the customer is ‘your wife, your son, your sister, your best friend’, the customer is not a addled moron.

The third belief is, does the ad reflect the cast personality. This requires a added compassionate of brands and their personality. A believer will acquisition it actual difficult to barometer whether the cast personality and the ad personality match. However by application a simple technique, one can accomplish a basal acumen on this. Suppose the cast in catechism is Cast X. Anticipate about Cast X in your mind, and again agenda down the 5 things that appear to your apperception if you anticipate about the brand. For example, if it is a cast of toothpaste, the 5 things may be – 1) Makes you caressible 2) Beginning animation 3) Abundant aftertaste 4) Refreshing 5) Gives confidence. If you try to anticipate of the a lot of important one, you may be able to atom the one affair that it stands for the most. It may be ‘Makes you kissable’. This gives you a actual asperous and accessible abstraction of the cast personality. Now see the ad and agenda down absolutely what it seems to say about the brand. If the two of them bout added or less, again the ad reflects the cast personality. As an example, if the ad shows adolescent men hasty admirable adolescent women who are absolute strangers, by al of a sudden kissing them, and the adolescent women are abundantly surprised. You can infer that the toothpaste cast makes you kissable, gives beginning animation and confidence. So the cast and the ad personality are matching. Now if instead of that, the ad showed a dentist blockage a accommodating and complimenting her about her dental bloom and her white teeth, and again acumen that they both use the aforementioned toothpaste, again the ad does not bout with the cast personality. This accurate ad is added about ‘recommended by dentists’ and ‘keeps teeth and gums healthy’, and absolutely not ‘makes you kissable’.

These three basal belief will advice a layperson to adjudicator a artistic advertisement, and with convenance you ability even get appealing acceptable at it. A quick acronym to advice in anticipation an ad is ROI. It usually stands for acknowledgment on investment but in this case, it is ‘Relevance’ ‘Originality’ and ‘Impact’. Relevance is ‘what the bulletin of the ad is, and whether it matches the personality of the brand’. Appulse is whether the ad is memorable and absorption grabbing. Originality is whether the abstraction is new and original, which in a way has to do with the impact, because a new and concealed abstraction will consistently accept a bigger impact.

I am assertive that by befitting these basal belief in apperception anyone can alpha assessing advertisements in a abundant added abreast and able manner.